Mall Humor

So, I when I got off work today I was determined to get more of my Christmas shopping knocked out. Finished <woohoo!!> As I was walking back to the beauty store I'm employed at, my biggest nightmare happened (well that's an over exaggeration, but pet peeve).. I was approached by one of the Kiosk workers. These are some of the most ruthless people I've encountered. I mean, worse than car salesmen. You see, the last few years since I joined the army I've become quite humble. In high school and college I was quite the b-word, but you wouldn't guess that in a million years now (unless you try me). With that being said, it's hard for me to put my foot down and say "no." Especially when you keep saying it and they are just disregarding. So she has me come over and sits me down. I'm talkin puts her ands on my shoulders and sits me down. Then she starts removing my makeup on half my face. I can barely understand her broken English and was NOT comfortable by any means.  There was barely any shades of foundation so she chose one close to my range, which gave almost no coverage whatsoever. She was very rough while buffing the foundation into my skin and not onlt blew excess product off of the brush (which is unsanitary) but also off of my face (trifling).  She showed me how multifunctional the shadows were, and they were pretty but all I could think about was the face that I don't want any type of infection or irritation due to her non-hygienic practices. Nonetheless, she was able to sucker $40 out of me. I'm mad about my purchase the whole walk to my car. Once I turned it on  and looked in the mirror my dissatisfaction multiplied when I seen she sent me out with only one eye of shadow. Needless to say.. it's your best bet to stay away from the kiosks -_-