Brighter Days Will Come (Pt.1)

So lately I've been really bummed about the ups and down I've been experiencing with my skin. As a reminder, I have adult/hormonal acne that becomes cystic. There wasn't a day my face didn't seem to be inflamed, and painful to touch since I've moved to Virginia. I'd have the occasional clear up, but it was always very short lived. Fed up, I finally went to the dermatologist where I received a prescription for Epiduo and Doxycycline. I was able to notice a change after about a week, but figured it was a long road ahead to better skin with these medicines. Around the three week mark it was moving weekend, and I was unfortunately sick so of course with both stressors I was broken out a little more than usual. Over the next couple a weeks, things took a surprising turn. Tune into pt. 2 to see what journey my skin took me on next. Until then, stay beautie-full!!