Natural Beauties

Hey beauties.  I've been on my all-natural journey for 5 years now and it's been quite the journey. I've spent so much money trying to figure out which products work for me and sadly, most of the ones a bought got used a few times then tossed.  I have not yet embraced my curls so I keep my hair in extensions as a protective style or straighten it.  Mind you, heat is very damaging to the hair so imagine an excessive amount of heat to keep my hair straight.. no bueno.  I've decided to straighten my hair no more than once a week and where it in a wrap until it needs to be pulled up into a bun for the rest of the week.  Before, I could only wear it down for 2-3 days until it needed to be pulled up.  But by the grace of God :-) I've found a spectacular product that helps my maintain my hair a lot longer in between straightenings.  So I've seen a lot in black hair magazines about Motions for Natural Textures products, but never thought much about it.  If you know anything about cosmos.. you know where label whores and despise drugstore products (for the most part).  Well on my trip to Sally Beauty Supply last week I seen this product once again and decided to give it a shot (it's called Heat Styles Straight Finish Sealer btw).  I mean it was only $6 with my pro discount so what's there to lose, right?  Last Thursday after my hot oil treatment I decided to give it a try.  Fast forward to this week.. it's Wednesday night and I have NOT had to wear my hair in a bun once this WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK. This serum is AMAZING!! It's rained here everyday since Saturday and my hair is still not a frizzy mess. I'm so pleased!! I'll let you know of other great products if y'all promise to share with me the ones you love!! :D