Beautie Tip

If you have dry skin, or want your blush to appear more natural.. use a cream or gel blush instead. Gels and creams are more transparent and tend to blend a lot more smoothly. They also go on a lot easier without the worry of rubbing your foundation off.  To apply: using your ring fingertip or cream blush brush, buff onto apples of cheeks in a circular motion blending up towards the temple area for a rosy and glowing complexion. 

 Pro Tip

To find the apples of your cheeks (or cheekbones), smile and notice the fleshy part that is lifted. And there you have it. Remember, the bigger you smile the more blush you'll be applying and vice versa. Also, apply blush and bronzer/contour with a light hand. It's a lot easier to add more if needed than to apply way too much in the beginning and have to remove everything and start all over.