New Approach to Acne Treatment

Today marks the day I officially start a new battle against my adult acne. I finally visited a dermatologist after a few years of trying over the counter product flops as well as recommendations from various estheticians, beauty gurus, and articles. The doctor placed me on doxycycline (typical) and Epiduo, which I'm sure many have seen the commercial for. I was advised to use a gentle/basic cleanser and moisturizer like cerave, aveno, and cetaphil. I was shocked and asked "aren't drugstore brands frowned upon in the professional beauty world?" She responded with a laugh and asked "is that seriously what they teach you at work?" I was completely dumbfounded. Apparently most makeup and skin care products aren't made with the harsh ingregients and oils that they used to be, and the only ones to really worry about are theatrical cosmetics ( and seriously.. who wears those on an everyday basis?).  I did a little more research and it says not to use anything containing sulfa, or salicilic acid with the product. I downloaded the Epi-tracker app to keep track of my progress. Praying for the best!!