DSLR Newbie

Never did I ever imagine how much it actually takes to start a blog/vlog/YouTube/photography hobby. I'm SO overwhelmed. First off.. I didn't realize how much equipment is needed for good quality pictures and videos, let alone how expensive it's turning out to be. I went out a got a pricey camera to save in the long run. But then realized I'd need a protective case, lens accessories, extra battery, and a tripod. So I'm all excited when I got home and switched videos for beginners just to find out I should also invest in a remote, better lighting, and a smaller tripod to fit on my desk. So I went out and bought that stuff. Next I start messing with the camera and figure I should probably start reading the users manual because I have no idea what all the knobs and buttons are for.. nope still not cutting it for a beginner. So of course, I buy a big beginners guide for the Canon EOS Rebel T5i and wast lost by the middle if chapter 2. Was this a mistake?  Did I just waste on a grand on something I haven't even the slightest background knowledge of? Oh yeah.. a couple more things I'll need to invest in are another lens and a microphone. Sheesh!! -__-