Make Time for Yourself

One of my biggest downfalls is not making enough time out of my day and week to take care of myself. The biggest thing to show for it is my hormonal/cystic acne. Granted, that has nothing to do with my regimen being so these kinds of breakouts are hormonal, but it is something I can relieve somewhat. The first thing I need to incorporate is drinking more water every day. Also, going to sleep earlier so I can get more rest and wake up early enough to still be productive. Next I need to get back on my smoothie kick. When I did herbalife, I can honestly admit there wasn't a time I can recall I ever felt better. I had more energy and my skin was clear and glowing. I also need to remember to take all of my vitamins throughout the day, as well as eating clean more nutritious meals.  It takes being healthy within for it to show on the outside. 

1. Drink enough water!! Divide your weight in half and that's how much water you should be drinking in ounces (100 lbs = 50 oz) at least. If you hate the taste of water, or the lackthereof, add fruit. Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form a nutritionist. This tip is what I found based off of a lot of research I've done on the benefits of water.

2. Incorporate fresh or frozen produce to your diet daily. This will help with the immune system, digestion, and cellular health.

3. Limit your junk intake to only a few times a week, or at a minimum daily.  

4. Set a reminder to take your vitamins and supplements throughout the day. I started placing mine by my keys, that way if I forgot I would realize it before it was too late and I had already left.  

5. Eat Greek yogurt everyday for probiotic health (especially women) .

6. Get moving!! There's literally no reason not to be active. I'll explain in further detail in an upcoming post.