Kickboxing Kicked My Butt

So, mid May I was super excited to start working out regularly again. Having been a Zumba instructor and member of a kickboxing gym back home, I just felt like something was missing in my new life and home. Surprisingly, Zumba nor kickboxing was big out here so I was stuck with just regular workouts (which I hate). Week 1 was so amazingly motivating to get me back into the swing of things!! I was so sore for a few days, but it was well worth it. My 2nd week didn't go as smoothly.. and I have a pretty bright pink full arm cast and ankle boot to prove it. I've been broken for 2 1/2 long weeks no and I still have at least 2 more weeks to be casted. No Bueno!!!!!!  

In other news, I got accepted to a once in a lifetime school led by the great Val Garland. Not familiar with the name?? How about Vougue cover MUA!! This course isn't for beginners, but established MUAs that they feel have the potential to make it to the top. There were over 14,000 applicants from all over the world and I was blessed to be among only 1000 students that made it. This class is exactly what I needed to get me out of the stagnant rut I felt I was becoming stuck in at work. Now don't get me wrong.. I love my job, but I love learning and growing even more and that just wasn't happening like I need it to. When you're not getting what you need, you got to go out and figure how to get it. I'm very excited to share my growth with y'all!! Until next time, stay beautiful 💋