Spring Cleaning

Keeping things neat and organized can be quite tricky with a smaller space.  The new one bedroom that we moved into didn't seem much smaller when it came to square footage, but having one less room and one less closet definitely made us more aware of how much we've accumulated.  His military gear takes up most of the space on his side of the closest, which leaves less space for all of his clothes fitness stuff. Me being in the beauty industry, I've quickly accumulated a lot of equipment and products that can be unsightly, especially being so I've turned our dining room into a makeshift studio area.  I've thought long and hard about how I'd be able to organize and store everything in a way that it's still easily accessible. I've spent the past 2 days of my Spring Break from school moving things around and reorganizing.  I'm a firm believer in once I get the things I need to accomplished, I'll better enjoy the things that I love to do.  

Next I need to find an effective organizing system for my studio.  Any tips and feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Until next time, stay beautiful!! :D  

Warm Meal for a Cold Day

This is week 2 of my persistence with being a better organized homemaker. I've learned that it's so much easier to cook in a clean kitchen. Go figure, right? On this snow day I made baked chicken and veggies, steamed green beans, and black beans. Southern cooking doesn't always have to be fattening and heavy!!


Getting Things Done.. FINALLY

Since moving into our newest place, I haven't exactly had the time to make it a home. Sure, it's fully furnished and the cabinets and closets are overflowing (literally), but my biggest goal has always been to organize. This week although Virginia has been cursed with snow, I've been blessed with a week of no school due to the inclement weather. I took the time to sit back and relax (which is something I never do) and clean. I always joke about wanting to be a 'stay at home wife,' but I'm quite sure I'd be out spending way too much money shopping just to keep from going crazy. Another great thing about being stuck inside was getting to spend some much needed quality time with my loves. After school all week and work all weekend, I tend to mentally have no time for much else. I just realized and accepted sometimes doing too much can hurt the foundation of our lives.. which is home. I've always been one to want to hurry up and get through school, but work just as much. I now see what my downfall was when I started my degree 7 years ago. I always thought it was a shame that I only have 2 1/2 years of college to show for, especially since I started taking college classes while I was still in high school. I did manage to accomplish quite a bit, however. Going off and joining the Army, completing cosmetology school, becoming a makeup artist, and now esthetician.. I can take the time to see I should have stayed proud of myself all along. Now that I've been able to get my mind right, I feel I can tackle school, work, being a good girlfriend/puppy mom, and the big pile of dishes/laundry I'd been avoiding for over a week. On a serious note, never get so discouraged that you become too blind to see the greatness you have to offer. ❤️💋❤️

New Home

Hi beauties. It's been quite some time and I apologize, but it's for a good reason..  I moved!! After 6 years of living on my own after dorm life, I'm finally in a place I absolutely love and can't wait to decorate. I'll be doing a welcome home post to show you my new found love for organizing. Pics  coming soon. Until next time, stay beautieful ❤❤

Motivation (The Lackthereof)

So, every once in a while when you're in the groove of things something out of nowhere happens. It's this thing called LIFE.  My organization became unorganized. My coupon cutting/meal planning and prepping days turned into expensive daily trips to the store. We have triple the laundry with the bf working out 3-4 times a day. And the cherry on top would be my precious puppy that wakes up ready to play at 6 am every morning (including my days off). I'll just have to keep in mind Rome wasn't built over night, and with prayer EVERYTHING'S better!! 

Penny Pinchin Mom

So I'm up late this Friday night taking a crash course on saving money from the Krazy Coupon Lady blog site (lame, I know lol). This is another attempt for me to get a step closer to organization. I've recently tried couponing in the past few months, but am never as successful as I'd like to be due to my lack of supplies. So of course, I went out today to get everything I needed to start off: a binder, dividers, trading card inserts, scissors, and a pencil bag. I need to get a cheap calculator too so I won't have to use my humongous phapblet (phone/tablet). Food is already outrageously expensive, but with us starting our new clean eating lifestyle it's unbelievable how our grocery tab has nearly doubled for the month. I'll keep you updated on my techniques as well as those by the cheapskate pros. Ttys :-)


Organization and my Lack there of

So, since I can remember I've always been quite the thinker. Living life with flashing light bulbs going nonstop with new ideas popping up in my mind. I mean I literally would right something on my hand and have to write a reminder on top of my hand to look at the other side (my mom hated that btw). I'm the sticky note queen and take pictures of things with my phone all the time to remember quick thoughts. Now with all these ideas, imagine always remembering tasks and getting everything thing done.. yeah, not so much. So I'm once again making an attempt to become more organized. This is very important with me living a new family life where I have to equally contribute time and effort. Try throwing a workout or 2 in each day. How about meal prepping for 2. Two jobs. And soon a puppy. YIKES!! It can be done if I just sit down to take the time and plan accordingly. Any tips will be greatly appreciated :-)