Organization and my Lack there of

So, since I can remember I've always been quite the thinker. Living life with flashing light bulbs going nonstop with new ideas popping up in my mind. I mean I literally would right something on my hand and have to write a reminder on top of my hand to look at the other side (my mom hated that btw). I'm the sticky note queen and take pictures of things with my phone all the time to remember quick thoughts. Now with all these ideas, imagine always remembering tasks and getting everything thing done.. yeah, not so much. So I'm once again making an attempt to become more organized. This is very important with me living a new family life where I have to equally contribute time and effort. Try throwing a workout or 2 in each day. How about meal prepping for 2. Two jobs. And soon a puppy. YIKES!! It can be done if I just sit down to take the time and plan accordingly. Any tips will be greatly appreciated :-)