Penny Pinchin Mom

So I'm up late this Friday night taking a crash course on saving money from the Krazy Coupon Lady blog site (lame, I know lol). This is another attempt for me to get a step closer to organization. I've recently tried couponing in the past few months, but am never as successful as I'd like to be due to my lack of supplies. So of course, I went out today to get everything I needed to start off: a binder, dividers, trading card inserts, scissors, and a pencil bag. I need to get a cheap calculator too so I won't have to use my humongous phapblet (phone/tablet). Food is already outrageously expensive, but with us starting our new clean eating lifestyle it's unbelievable how our grocery tab has nearly doubled for the month. I'll keep you updated on my techniques as well as those by the cheapskate pros. Ttys :-)