Spring Cleaning

Keeping things neat and organized can be quite tricky with a smaller space.  The new one bedroom that we moved into didn't seem much smaller when it came to square footage, but having one less room and one less closet definitely made us more aware of how much we've accumulated.  His military gear takes up most of the space on his side of the closest, which leaves less space for all of his clothes fitness stuff. Me being in the beauty industry, I've quickly accumulated a lot of equipment and products that can be unsightly, especially being so I've turned our dining room into a makeshift studio area.  I've thought long and hard about how I'd be able to organize and store everything in a way that it's still easily accessible. I've spent the past 2 days of my Spring Break from school moving things around and reorganizing.  I'm a firm believer in once I get the things I need to accomplished, I'll better enjoy the things that I love to do.  

Next I need to find an effective organizing system for my studio.  Any tips and feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Until next time, stay beautiful!! :D