Quick Update

Ok, so despite my fears of failing horribly.. I've continued reading the book I last spoke about to accelerate my learnings of photography basics using the Canon EOS Rebel T5i. As the chapters go on, he breaks things down literally walking you through each screen along with explaining when/how/why to shoot with different modes and settings. With that being said, I HIGHLY recommend Jeff Revell's book "From Snapshots to Great Shots!" I'd also like to thank my dear friend and business mentor Breanna M. for her great motivation speaking great words of encouragement, reminding me of my favorite scripture:  I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me (Phillipians 4:13).  I've also been completing the assignments Mr. Revell suggests at the end of each chapter. It's actually not as hard to grasp as I thought it was going to be <thank God!!>. 

Also, I'm on my second week of the doxycycline and Epiduo regimen my dermatologist has me following. The biggest thing I've noticed is that my skin appears brighter and a lot less inflamed. The lifetime of blemishes that I do get are also greatly reduced and smaller in size, as well as amount being fewer. I'm making sure to use a moisturizer that contains SPF in the morning and a good hydrating moisturizer at night. 

I'll soon be moving and hope to have finished the book I'm reading for my camera so you can see the transformation yet again. Until next time beauties, stay blessed!!